Stop Using your Expensive Tractor Brakes to Slow Your Trailer.

Your trailers can now stop their own weight!

SeeBrake Makes it Simple

SeeBrake saves time and money because it measures push-rod and timing readings for each brake automatically. SeeBrake also indicates if air values are sequencing properly to provide balanced braking, to maximize stopping power and assist in preventing jackknifing.

The driver or maintenance person can view the readings for each brake on the in-cab display, and the data may be transmitted to the company maintenance facility.

SeeBrake will not replace physical brake inspections, but it will improve highway safety and reduce maintenance costs by enabling the operator to regularly inspect their brake performance.

  • Reduce out of service losses.

  • Reduce tractor brakes wear.

  • Keep your trucks on the road and on time.

  • Reduce maintenace costs.

  • Reduce the risk costly brake-related lawsuits.

  • Only costs about $1 per day*


Trailer Brake Indicator Light


Proper Braking

Reduces brake wear

Reduces stopping distance

Balances brakes

Reduces brake related accidents

Reduces Loss of life & property

Effective braking begins at the trailer and moves forward.

Loss Prevention Savings

Decrease vehicle maintenance time.

Reduce Driver Error

Mitigate Manufacturing Defects

Meet Payload Deadlines

SeeBrake is free standing, and does not interact with the brake.




Trailer Install / Test Case

SeeBrake is offers a complete truck and trailer push-rod monitoring system. The stand-alone trailer monitoring system will integrate with truck systems now or in the future.

If you would like to start using SeeBrake, but you'd like to phase in the implementation, you may want to consider installing on your trailers first or a limited test sample to run your own trial installations.

SeeBrake's trailer kit is:

  • Simple to install.
  • Easy to use.
  • More accurate than manual readings.
  • Three-year warranty.

Costs only about $1 per day.

Our longest running SeeBrake case study has been on the road since 2008 without fail. $1.00 per day is based on a conservative estimate of a six-year service life.

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