SeeBrake Real-time Truck & Trailer Brake Monitoring

Wheel End Events

The SeeBrake system can detect the following areas of Cause of Trailer Fires:

  • 32% Brakes
  • 24% Air leaks

For a total of 56% of causes.

Two areas of concern for vehicles are the Out of Service Events and the possible causes for trailer fires. The SeeBrake system can monitor the health of the brakes and alert the operator of possible issues.

The SeeBrake system can detect the following areas of the Out of Service Violations:

  • 27% Brake Systems
  • 14% Brake adjustment

For a total of 41% of violations.


If a brake(s) does not release, and the vehicle is travelling more than 15 mph, the operator is notified, and a text message can be sent to alert fleet headquarters.

It is critical to address this issue in a timely manner to reduce the chances of vehicle fires.

If a brake(s) does not engage during a brake event, it is reported as stuck. Braking power is reduced.

Stuck brakes are shown in orange.


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