SeeBrake Display Module

The SeeBrake display module enables drivers and mechanics to easily assess the status of the truck brake system. Our simple-to-use display mounts along side of the driver's seat where it can be read easily by the operator inside the cab or without climbing into the truck.

Graphical Display

Shows current overall pushrod readings graphically

  • Empty Box = Brakes are within limits
  • ½ Filled Box = ⅛" Out of adjustment
  • Filled Box = Out of adjustment by ¼" or more

Numeric Display

  • Numeric Display of the brake adjustments.
  • Shows current overall push-rod readings numerically in inches on each brake.

Timing Display of the Brakes per axle

  • Shows timing of pushrod per axle, to show whether the brakes are firing / activating in the proper sequence to maximize stopping power.

Summary Display

  • Displays if brakes are in or out of adjustment
  • Tells brake timing status
  • How many times the brakes have been applied
  • How long the system has been operating
  • How many total hours system has been in use