SeeBrake Real-time Truck & Trailer Brake Monitoring

Data Delivery Solutions

SeeBrake Display Module
SeeBrake™ utilizes Bluetooth to manage and deliver brake and timing data. Delivery can be to the operator’s phone and or to fleet maintenance technicians. We can also integrate with existing fleet telematics also.

SeeBrake™ is free standing and does not interact with the brake.

It is a reporting system only. Its operation is simple; activated by depressing the brake. When air is being released from the brake system, the software will now indicate a pending brake issue that may cause a fire e.g. stuck brake, cammed-over, or dragging brake.

Configuration Options

Trailer only
  • Common axle configurations
Tractor only
  • Common axle configurations.
Tractor and Trailer in combination


Fixed truck
  • No axle limitations.

Data Delivery Options

Alpha numeric

Graphical read-outs

Data directly to operator’s phone

Data integrated with existing telematic service

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Contact Info

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