SeeBrake Real-time Truck & Trailer Brake Monitoring

SeeBrake System Benefits

SeeBrake System Benefits

SafetyWatch Technologies (SWTI) has designed the system to comply with industry requests based on extensive studies conducted with trucking businesses throughout the United States including input from DOD, DOE, the US Nuclear Regulatory Agency and Boeing’s Instrumentation Division:

  • A Simple Plug and Play installation. Estimated installation time 15 minutes per brake.
  • Is a "closed" system.
  • Is simple and robust.
  • Cost effective.
  • Component parts are to military specifications to provide compatibility, repeatability and interoperability.
  • Has custom memory options.
  • Can be programmed and designed to support:
    • High Axle Count
    • Drop and Hook
    • Tandem Trailers

SWTI System’s Competitive Edge:

  • Pushrod and Timing data can be stored in memory.
  • We use a direct linkage method, no magnets, or other devices that can erode accuracy over time.
  • Use as a preventative maintenance tool.
  • Memory can log data.
  • Time savings; can go directly to the problem brake.
  • A stand-alone system, does not interact with the brake.
  • Has cleared Level 1 inspections with the following inspectors comments commending the system’s:
    • Accuracy
    • Independence: Stand-alone and does not interfere with the brake. Each sensor acts independently. If a sensor fails for any reason, it will not effect the readings from any other sensors.
    • Simplicity
    • Ease of access for comparison readings.
    • Requires only one person to read the brakes.
    • Graphic and alpha-numeric read-outs
    • Please note: Monetary savings will vary according to your maintenance regimen.

SafetyWatch Tech.

Safety Watch Technologies, Inc. is a private company and at this time is not listed on any publicly traded exchanges.

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